Some reasons why I started the $2 bill journey…

  • Fun
  • Birthday joy
  • Exact change
  • Break monotony
  • All federal banks have them, why not use them?
  • Educate about our currency and awareness that they are still in print
  • The reminder that comes to me when paying with a $2.00 bill, “that I had very little when growing up”
  • The reminder that comes to me “that I have more than some people”
  • The excitement people get when they receive a $2.00 bill
  • How many trees are cut for $1.00 bills? How many could be saved by using $2.00 bills?
  • Feel good about spending your money
  • Create cash registers that are slightly larger so there is a slot for the $2.00 bill
  • Slow down the cash less society
  • Teach your family about all of the American currency
  • Giving $2.00 bill to someone “for good fortune”
  • Putting it in a wallet ” so the person never goes broke”
  • Watch a person’s mind shift (amazingly happens…allot)
  • The going green thing (hippies)
  • Build the economy from the bottom up (with tips)
  • Overcome the fear of being different
  • Spread Love, Peace & Kindness with $2.00 bills
  • Feel proud to have something that you earned
  • Create more teller jobs at the banks
  • Increase profits for small fund raisers

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