Just Another Cashier

Today was just another normal day. All I did was pay for a loaf of seeded rye bread. Of course I wasn’t at the self check out, they do not take $2.00 bills. They just take away a job.

So I just happened to hear the same thing from ‘just another cashier’ . “Thank you” she said to me. and I like your idea of using the $2.00 . So easy to give the exact change and make someone’s job easier. So simple to do. Why can’t more people open their eyes and see how hard some people have to work daily.

Some reasons why I started the $2 bill journey…

  • Fun
  • Birthday joy
  • Exact change
  • Break monotony
  • All federal banks have them, why not use them?
  • Educate about our currency and awareness that they are still in print
  • The reminder that comes to me when paying with a $2.00 bill, “that I had very little when growing up”
  • The reminder that comes to me “that I have more than some people”
  • The excitement people get when they receive a $2.00 bill
  • How many trees are cut for $1.00 bills? How many could be saved by using $2.00 bills?
  • Feel good about spending your money
  • Create cash registers that are slightly larger so there is a slot for the $2.00 bill
  • Slow down the cash less society
  • Teach your family about all of the American currency
  • Giving $2.00 bill to someone “for good fortune”
  • Putting it in a wallet ” so the person never goes broke”
  • Watch a person’s mind shift (amazingly happens…allot)
  • The going green thing (hippies)
  • Build the economy from the bottom up (with tips)
  • Overcome the fear of being different
  • Spread Love, Peace & Kindness with $2.00 bills
  • Feel proud to have something that you earned
  • Create more teller jobs at the banks
  • Increase profits for small fund raisers

The Genesis

So why do so many people think that they can not do anything about what is going on in the world today? Or do something about a current situation in their lives? Or that most things they read , hear, or watch is really so negative? All the terrible things that get the media attention. Then you get bummed out? Are things going to fast? Are you caught up in the rat race? Maybe someone you know only cares about the almighty american dollar! If so, then maybe you could try something very easy and different. Did I say different? Oh No….! Did I hear that Devils advocate say ” I can’t try anything new”. Me? I can’t do that. What would people think? Or “There’s nothing that I  can do  to  change, “what’s going on in the World”!  REALLY? I’ll bet you a $2.00 bill there is.

I heard this from an older Ukranian statesman say that three words that have hurt Americans the most are “Don’t get involved”. So if what I write to you does not hold true or is not funny, then; you do not have to get involved. I will just keep on spending all the two dollar bills that I possibly can for all the good reasons that I’m about to share with you!

Why Two Dollar Bills

To this unusual winter day in January, when it’s suppose to be the coldest week of the year; “I still do not know exactly why, I started using them two dollar bills”! Cash is King as the saying goes. No one cares when you pay your bills if it’s cash or credit anymore. Except, when you include a two dollar bill. Kinda sounds goofy, funny, or different, right?

I can tell you whole lot of reasons why I’m including American Two Dollar Bills in part of my life. So in no particular order (since I lost my original writings) because of a computer breaking, here’s hoping you enjoy my journey and follow me along on a free ride! Maybe you’ll even try it for yourself and tell someone. It’s only an American Two Dollar Bill !